Comprehensive Business Research Platform

Empowering your business with data driven decisions

We provide accurate & credible information on the following aspects of a business

Company Vitals

Confirm the identity of the company. Get access to basic information like CIN, incorporation details, registered address, capital, contact details and more.


Detailed information on the company’s directors, their directorships in other companies and details on its previous directors.


Understand company’s liabilities, get access to its securities and collaterals.

Shareholding Details

Updated information on shareholders and the shareholding of each one of them to understand shareholding related risks.

Financial Details

Useful information on the company’s financials such as Balance sheet, Profit and Loss statement, Capital structure, Financial Ratios and more.

Related Companies

Information about businesses related to your researched company. This includes holding companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures and associated companies.


Access original company's filings from the MCA database. This includes Annual Reports, Charges, Changes in Directors, Financial statements and more documents.

Risk and Compliance

Discover negative records like defaulters list, criminal and civil litigation records on your searched company and its directors.

Web and Media

Access to reported activities on Web and media.